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Aditya Publication (Anurag Dwivedi’s Group) is one of the oldest sources of academic content with more than 208 titles published till date. It is the most trusted contributor of syllabus-oriented content customized for Engineering, BCA, MCA students of Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati in Maharashtra. As such, it has a long history of student benefit policies and relentless on-ground efforts.


As a group we are striving our best to fulfill the 3P Goal -

  • Peace – Peace full Academic life
  • Progress – Progress in terms of technical knowledge
  • Prosperity – Prosperity for the Students future

Our Books

BSC Computers


In 2003, Mr. Anurag M. Dwivedi published his first book on Engineering on the Subject Assembly Language Programming which is useful to B.E. and MCA students. Then and then, in 2005 our publication came with two more titles as “Theory Of Computation” and “Design of Analysis of Algorithms”. In the same year, we got the name to this as “Aditya Publication, Amravati”.

In 2009, after receiving a good response from students of Engineering, BCA and MCA, he formed a group with name “Anurag Dwivedi’s Group” to publish and distribute notes written by Subject Experts under the publication.

With this, Aditya Publication’s (Anurag Dwivedi’s Group) basic idea of becoming a full-range publisher began to take shape. Since Anurag Dwivedi’s Group has grown as a respected reference for students of Engineering, MCA, BCA etc.

Our Group took over the entire responsibility of distribution of their academic material through an already strong network of booksellers.

Admired Publisher

While the opportunity to publish is exciting, the commitment can be daunting. It's useful, then, to know your publishing partner and to recognize the advantages it offers. It’s nothing but the Mrs. Aparna Dwivedi who puts all her dedication, discipline, determination and dynamicity to publish these resources for her students.

Specialized Authors

The most critical role in any successful publishing group is played by the publisher's editorial resources. Our writers have the expertise and resources to ensure that every subject that we work-on has the best approach from the students.  We also have toppers of the Amravati University as an eminent author and writing for us and helping us to deliver the quality notes, like Bharat Lohiya; Engineering (Computer Science) topper from Amravati University year 2009.

Integrated Product Development

We follow the Integrated Product Development Model that provides us with the process and set of tools designed to facilitate the creation of an author-centered, market-driven product. We have a team of experienced technicians and specialists led by Mr. Dinesh D. Rathi, Mr. Niraj Khangale, Mr. Ankush Layber, Mr. Abhinav Bokey, Mr. Prafull Parwatkar, Mr. Shubham Deshmukh and Ms. Nikita Uparkar who are working hardly to research and review of the various titles we deliver.

Wide Network of Dealers & Distributors

Apart from publishing, Anurag Dwivedi’s GROUP has developed a wide network of dealers and distributors to make their books readily available to a large section of student community, all over the University.

Our Strength - 24 X 7 Assistance

We are known for the restless strive for our students. Hence, we provide 24 X 7 assistance to our students. This also includes prompt online replies to queries from students.

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Frequently Ask Questions

What is the purpose of this app?

This app is designed to provide old university question papers to the students easily. Through this app students can check syllabus of each subject. This app will also provide information about the price of the notes available under Aditya Publication. This also help to denote bookseller in your area. Initially we have BE (CSE/IT/CIVIL/MECH/EXTC/EE), MCA, and BCA papers on it.

Which devices supports this app?

This app supports Android based smart phones with OS more than 5.0.

OTP is not coming.

We send OTP to your mail given by you as well as SMS to your mobile number provided by you. We use different service providers to deliver OTP to you. It may take 3 to 5 minutes to deliver. So please wait for some minutes to receive OTP. There is no expiry period of OTP so there will be no problem if enter your OTP after a long period of time. Before pressing “Resend OTP” please wait at least 5 to 10 minutes to get your OTP.

Can we change our semester?

Yes. In the Profile we have provided change semester option.

Can we change course?

No. Once you select a course with proper branch then next time you cannot change it.

Can we use this app in offline mode?

Yes. But for the login in the app internet is required. Once you logged in then you can work in offline.

Its take very much time to load papers.

When user uses this app first time (after installation), it take some time (5 to 10 minutes) to sync papers with your device. It is only for first time. For the proper working of this app it is necessary. When user changes his/her semester then once again it will sync papers according to your new semester. In both the cases apps waiting symbol [] will appear.

Can we sync app?

Yes. We have given one “Sync App” option in the app. Use this button to sync your data. Once your data is sync it will take less time to open papers.

Write With Us

We’re always looking for new authors. We welcome to the authors for the books which are not available under Aditya Publication.

If you are interested to write a book under Aditya Publication, then please fill the given form.

Write detail about you and subject you wants to write in the message. Also attach material prepared by you (at least one topic) in pdf format.

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